Mark keeps his eye on FDA, politics and the new media

Mark keeps his eye on FDA

Mark keeps his well trained eye(s) on FDA

A note drops in the inbox from Mark Senak of our D.C. office to tell us that we are not the only FHers to have churned out thinkpieces on the use of new media in public affairs.

Mark is the man behind the blog “Eye on FDA“, his US based blog about “trends and observations regarding the FDA regulatory environment and its impact on the marketing, communications and strategic planning of the firms producing drugs, biologics and devices.”

We are told (not by Mark) that the Eye on FDA blog is a must read for all those in the pharma industry. One thing is for sure, technorati gives it a higher authority rank than our own humble efforts on public affairs in Europe.

Check out the following post on Mark’s blog today, which includes a thinkpiece of his own on new media, public affairs and political campaigning.

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