Prime Minister, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Browsing YouTube this lunch, we note that that embattled UK PM Gordon Brown is seeking to both reconnect with the voters after a trouncing in Crewe with the use of a US style YouTube Q&A session. You’ve got until the 21 June to submit your questions to him via the Downing Street YouTube channel. Questions about his future career plans are presumably not likely to get answered. All part of a strategy to make him look modern, in touch with the YouTube generation and dare we say it electable once again? We shall be only too happy to ask our charming new team member Tim Nuttall, formerly of Labour Party’s press team in London, when arrives for work here in Brussels on Monday morning.

Browsing the 27 questions so far posted, we particularly liked the one below for the oversized armchair and the swords and axes in the background. Images more powerful than words and all that.