Biofuels debate gets sexy

How about this for the use of digital to get across a very stark political message, in dare we say it a sexy way? As with many of the videos out there, it’s US based. It also dates from 2006.

However, it does seems quite relevant in today’s debate in Brussels about the use of biofuels, which is due to recommence in Committees next week. And we do after all have a tariff of ethanol too, which according to today’s FT is the highest in the world. In any case, we seem to be forgetting in the current debtate that there are some good reasons to move away from oil and the video reminds us in its own beautiful digital way.


n.b. in the name of openness and transparency, we should point out that we (FH Brussels) have an interest in this debate through parts of our client base, who are most definitely in favour of promoting the development of a global market for sustainable biofuels. The video is therefore of a professional as well as personal interest to us…