Alex is no fool: one less MEP is no joke for EU blogosphere

The cost of two seats has been a cause of controversy (the Strasbourg building)Image from WikipediaThis morning saw a raft of April’s fools announcement, a French federalist blogger broke the “story” of the resignation of Barroso from the Commission while the environmental news service ENDS Daily reported that an MEP had called for personal methane trading. Alas, both are hot air.

One that apparently isn’t is the story that Finnish EPP member Alexander Stubb MEP is to appointed Foreign minister of his native Finland. Well done to Alex. However, with MEP bloggers thin on the ground, Alex’s website and blog stand out as quality and will be sorely missed. The Parliament will also lose a good and dedicated member.

Let’s hope that Alexander keeps the blog up in his new position. (incidentally, we noted he’d been quiet recently, probably with good reason). And for other MEPs, who knows, perhaps they will note Alex’s online activities and come to the conclusion that it may not be a bad way to raise their own profile. With a bit luck, the next time a capital rings it could be for you.


Pierre-Antoine Rousseau
April 04, 2008 | 1:54 PM

Yes. I hope too. His blog was on top of favourite MEP blogs.