Britcham Blogging Event on 17 January

An interesting event from the folks at Britcham in January, as the “Britcham New Generation” host journo-bloggers Mark Mardell (BBC) and Jean Quatremer (Liberation) on the subject “How to communicate Europe: is blogging the way forward?” on 17 January. Registration can be made here.

Many of us have been involved with the New Generation for years. Despite now being decidedly older, we still attend for what are usually some great discussions with some interesting people over some not so great food. The informality of the events usually makes the evening. (We have eaten finger food while perched on a tiny end piece of a sofa with Commission spokespeople in the past.) We look forward to hearing the views of the two bloggers.

Interesting to note that Jean Quatremer will speak in French, which strikes us as slightly amusing given the audience. It is almost reminiscent of the time when the head of BusinessEurope (French) spoke in English at a Council meeting, prompting the then French President Chirac to walk out. Thankfully, we doubt any of the Britcham members will do the same, they are far too polite and have been forewarned in the invite. And of course many of those who attend are not actually British.