Wallstrom launches climate change wiki

Today sees Margot Wallstrom, former Environment Commissioner and now the EU’s Communicator-in-Chief, launch another climate change initiative the Road to Copenhagen. At least it’s a road to somewhere, we suppose.

The organisation, which includes Club de Madrid, Respect and Globe Europe, is inviting citizens, NGOs, business and government to contribute to a wiki that will become a draft resolution to go to global leaders at Bali climate change meeting in December. One has to wonder which will have more contradictions and caveats, the wiki resolution or the real resolution to come out of Bali? The title of the site comes from the Danish city where the final negotiations on the post-2012 climate change agreement are expected to be held in 2009.

Alas, the interactivity promised by the site is for a large part under development. Other than the wiki you can add your views to their forum. In addition, you can waste a few minutes listening to the avatars of Margot and fellow travellers Gro Harlem Brundtland (former Norwegian PM) and Mary Robinson (former Irish President) on why they are involved.

To coincide with the press launch today, the organisers are hosting a launch conference this Friday in the shiny ECOSOC building in Brussels. Unfortunately for any citizens out there, there is no virtual way of attending. A shame really, but perhaps next time. In any case, the organisers are promising more to come. It is after all, a long way from Bali to Copenhagen.