The magnificent 7 of EU Tech Blogs

We have been a little quiet on the blogging front in the last few weeks as we have a quite a few projects on the boil at present. Thankfully, some of these projects involve using some of the tactics and tools we have been discussing here in recent months and weeks. After we have finished the said projects, we hope to be able to share the non-confidential parts of what has been keeping us away in much the same way our lovely London colleagues have done.

In the meantime, colleagues have continued the trend of looking at blogs relating to EU policy issues. This time it’s our tech team, led by our very own Teresa Calvano, who have come up with their own magnificent 7 of EU tech blogs. We pleaded for a top ten, but to no avail. As TC points out, it’s about quality rather than quantity. A maxim most agencies would be happy to take as their own.