Google News - make your own case

A constant challenge in public affairs is ensuring a fair case for our clients in the media.

The influence of the most prominent newspapers is enormous. The nature of newspapers – the quest for brevity – can occasionally overly simplify complex arguments and overlook essential ambiguities.

If you or your issue is misrepresented in the news, in the past the traditional response has been to pen a letter to the editor, hope that the editor publishes the letter, hope that the reporter considers your rebuttal, and hope that readers see your response in addition to the original article.

This might change, if another Google experiment succeeds. Google News now plans to let the subjects of articles comment on the article in a dedicated space.

We all hope that the news media is objective and balanced. However, when it misses this target, it is important that some means of redress exits. We think that Google’s new idea is excellent – let us hope that it works in implementation.