Back on 7 November 2012 the European Commission submitted its fluorinated greenhouse gases proposal which sought to reduce the amount of F-gas in the EU by 79% by 2030. Unfortunately, the Regulation did not take into account some of the technical challenges that were unique to a group of industrial actors for whom F-gas is an integral part of their business. The new regulation would have meant a massive overhaul of their existing infrastructure. The estimated cost of this retrofit was between €25-30 million. The coalition itself was unused to communicating beyond its own sector, and needed coordination to act quickly.

FleishmanHillard supported this coalition as they communicated their position to policymakers unfamiliar with the specificities of a very technical piece of legislation. FH developed and executed an advocacy plan, complete with outreach to relevant stakeholders within the Parliament, Commission and Council. After an 15 month public affairs campaign, the coalition’s arguments were successfully received by stakeholders, which led MEPs, Council Attaches and even the European Commission to agree to re-write the proposal. The new text included exemptions which saved industry €25-30 million.