Public Affairs

Third Party Mobilisation

It’s not always enough to tell your story. Having a credible third party speak on your behalf can make all the difference when policymakers are considering issues you care about. And if that “third party” is one that wields influence with your target audience, your message will be heard — loud and clear. FleishmanHillard’s experienced team understands this, which is why we will help you:

  • build a third party strategy that maps out an effective roadmap for building support for your message
  • conduct extensive outreach to individual experts, business groups, trade associations, labour unions and other constituencies to secure buy-in
  • mobilise a coalition of partners that share your interests and are willing to amplify your message

Cultivating and sustaining allies in advance is key to achieving one’s goals in Brussels; waiting until you need them is often too late. By skillfully integrating advocacy with strategic communications, we can help you create a shift in opinions of key policymakers that furthers your goals and priorities.