Environment & Climate Change

Now more than ever, the EU views its commitment to a high level of environmental protection as necessary condition for renewed economic growth and societal support. Companies too are contributing to a greener, more sustainable way of doing business that seeks to grow Europe’s economy.

This transformation both presents challenges and opens new opportunities. FleishmanHillard is well placed to help you:

  • create campaigns which demonstrate the your contribution to the protection of the environment
  • understand the evolving regulatory framework which encompasses an ever growing range of sectors
  • communicate the position of your business and industry to policymakers, facilitating strategies which most effectively address climate risk

Our teams are experts on the interaction between climate and environmental policy and the industries it affects, including agriculture, energy, financial services, manufacturing and transport. By helping you craft campaigns across a range of media we enable you to shift public perceptions and build relationships with key decision makers in one of the EU’s most influential policy areas.

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