Danish enterprises and Brexit: What now?

FleishmanHillard senior adviser Martin Bresson has, together with Søren Skibsted, London based partner at Kromann Reumert, been published in the Danish daily newspaper Berlingske discussing the possible risks and opportunities posed by Brexit to Danish companies, and indeed to companies around the EU.

While the Brexit discussion so far has contained much speculation with few hard facts, there are concrete actions that companies can take to ensure they end up in the best possible position. This include practical advise for companies such as closely examining contracts made with British companies and ensuring the protection of intellectual property in the transition. On a more macro scale, enterprises should work to maximise the position of Danish workers in Britain, and examine closely new rules on the exchange of personal data across borders.

While Brexit will certainly be tumultuous, Martin writes, businesses who prepare early and act swiftly can benefit from the opportunity a difficult situation can present

Find the full article, in Danish, here.