FleishmanHillard Roundtable on Circular Economy: Institutions are ready to engage!

Lara Visser, Pauline Tawil

“The future belongs to those who wake up early,” say the French. The discussion during our roundtable on the Circular Economy Action Plan, which was unveiled last December, proves exactly that.

On 27 April, we had the pleasure to host Mrs. Pietikäinen, the European Parliament’s rapporteur on the 2015 Circular Economy own-initiative report, Mr. Radziejewski from European Commission Vice-President Katainen’s cabinet, as well as industry and NGO representatives for a roundtable discussion on the practical implementation of the Action Plan.

The roundtable clearly showed that no action will move forward without input from civil society and industry. Institutions – including the Council whose role was emphasised – will be looking at concrete case studies as well as proposals, in order to ensure that “Europe closes the loop”. Policy makers underlined they need to know how policy and regulation can support competitive and resource efficient business models.


Speakers and all participants who expressed their views showed genuine commitment to the Circular Economy agenda. Some of them however insisted on the extraordinary challenges that such transition present for both industry and society. These challenges will need to be addressed in the coming months.

“The future will be for those who get it & want to act” will be the institutions’ motto in the coming months, as they consult and work on turning the Action Plan into reality. The roundtable demonstrated  a clear interest and commitment to enhance dialogue between stakeholders.  At FleishmanHillard we are therefore planning further roundtables, focusing on specific actions, issues and sectors in order to mirror the institutional agendas.

Should you want to engage on this dossier or have a recommendation as far as next roundtables are concerned, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – with Robert Anger to be precise at  [email protected].

The FleishmanHillard Circular Economy team